The OKILIFE Show – Hiking Hira Falls in Yanbaru

We recap our last 3 vlog adventures with the OKILIFERS.

We dove Gorilla Chop for the first time, which turned out to be an excellent entry level dive site for Jason’s first dive after becoming a certified open water diver. Cameraman Renato Yudi of Veff Media joined us for the shoot and took some really cool drone footage for the team.

We met up with artist Brittany Lampe and had a tour of her creative space, and she let Brian get down with her on a collaborative art piece before guiding us on a fantastic hike to Hira Falls in northern Okinawa.

And we went our separate ways for a day while Q went diving at the Sunabe South Steps and B took an anniversary trip with his wife to the Churaumi Aquarium, Jason was stuck doing the dirty work!

Lot’s to cover today on the OKILIFE Show, and as always we consider it our duty to scout these fantastic Okinawa locations for you and report back with the goods…

So, you can find your way to A Beautiful Waterfall Hike HERE

A great dive at Sunabe South Steps HERE

And directions to the Churaumi Aquarium HERE

We hope you’re enjoying the Okinawa content, and keep tuning back in for new things with OKILIFE.

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