Title: Exploring Miyagi Island – Nuchi no Hama Beach


This one is only for you real hikers! If you want to find a beautiful, uncrowded beach in Okinawa you’re probably going to have to get your feet wet (and maybe sprain an ankle) trying to get to it.

But if you are up for some adventure, and burning a few calories, there are some fantastic locations out there where you can be alone with your thoughts. We really loved this beach, and we’re more inspired than ever to explore the rest of them.

We hope you’re all enjoying the views and we hope you’ll keep tuning in to see where the next adventure takes us. If you have a beach location to share with us, please jump on over to the Contact Us section of our website and let us know where you think we should explore next.

Thank you all for tuning in to OKILIFE, and sharing what you know about how to find those perfect Okinawa moments.

Find your way to today’s beach here:

Click HERE to check out where the beach is!