Title: Dokidoki Yanbaruncha – Adventure Park in Yanbaru


We love getting our nails dirty. In fact, we don’t mind some head-to-toe mud from time to time. What’s the best way to get dirty in Okinawa? Hit us up in the comments and tell us how you like to grind!

We took a trip up North to rappel down this waterfall, and made an unexpected stop at Doki Doki Yanbarunture to drive the their ATV course and do some Ziplining. These activities were especially fun in Yanbaru because it’s such a natural, undeveloped area. Especially the zipling was such an epic jungle adventure.

The real test though, for some of us at least, was the 300ft rappel down the waterfall. Everyone made it down but some of the team needed a bit of time to work up the courage.

If you’re up to the challenge we definitely suggest a day at Doki Doki Yanbaruncha HERE