Title: Beaches of Okinawa – Namihira Beach


As you can see, this hidden gem in Yomitan has some great geography for reef walks and exploring during those low, low tides. We ran in to Rachel and Tiera, two of our favorite OKILIFERS out there exploring the tide pools and made a quick video to give you a glimpse of this beautiful stretch of coast.

We love the beaches here on Okinawa and want to be able to share our favorites so you and your family can enjoy them as well! The OKILIFE Team participated in a big beach cleanup event here at Namihira Beach last summer, hosted by RJ’s Social and Neo Koza! Sty tuned to RJ’s and Neo Koza so you don’t miss their next beach party &beach clean event.

If you’d like to go for a nice reef walk or a swim, or just find a quiet stretch of beach to relax on, you can find your way to Namihira Beach HERE

And please, if you do make the trip pick up after yourself or, better yet, grab some beach trash and Join the Cause!

The Beach Clean-up here at this beach was a great success! Can’t wait to get out and do more clean ups! If your interested in Joining a local beach cleanup the Okinawa Beach Cleanup group is a fantastic way to find out about upcoming events. Check them out and help keep our beaches clean. Okilife has participated in all kinds of beach cleanups from uninhabited island cleanups to your
basic standard cleanup. This Beach cleanup event was much different because we had six DJ’s who played through the night and a massive Barbeque with hot doggs and hamburgs for everyone who helped pick-up a Bag of trash.