Diving The Mermaid’s Grotto – OKILIFE Divesite Review

The ongoing quest to explore all of the best Oki Dive Sites brought us the The Mermaid’s Grotto this week, which has some great natural features, with lots of nooks and crannies to swim through. And we met a very cool turtle as well during this dive! This is one of our favorite dive sites to date.

This wasn’t our first time diving Mermaid’s, it’s one of our favorite spots. We often hear folks talking about the sharks they encounter there, but we haven’t been lucky enough to see one yet for ourselves.

We made another video at this site a few months back for our OKILIFE Vlog with local dive instructor Chris Pugh. Chris has some advice for divers heading to The Mermaid’s Grotto for the first time;

Check out our vlog below to see more action from Mermaid’s Grotto, along with some other cool stuff.

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