Title: The Habu Hustle Adventure Race 2020


The Habu Hustle is an annual adventure race that happens on Okinawa, designed by racer Ron Flick. Ron invited us this year to get a small preview of the 2020 course as the OKILIFE team has been hired to film the event.

Adventure racing is a combination of trekking, running, cycling, swimming, and in this case rappelling down a 300ft waterfall (see video of that in an upcoming vlog)… It’s basically a type of marathon for people who are more excited by pain and sleep deprivation.

This year’s course is designed to be 36 hours, but Ron has competed in races that are closer to a week in length. I don’t think anyone at OKILIFE will be competing, but we’re happy to be part of the team and along for the ride to capture all of the action.

Sorry, the course details are extremely secretive until the racers are given their maps at the starting line, so we haven’t provided much detail here and there are very few hints as to locations in the video, but enjoy, and if you are up to the challenge think about signing up for the next event!