Kid’s Inshore Fishing Charter along the Kin Coast

New faces, new logos, but dedicated as always to fun and adventure in Okinawa.

We took a trip aboard Ryu-Kin Fishing Charters and saw some of the youngsters catch their very first fish! We got some strange cooking tips from Ryder, and Alissa joined the team for her first OKILIFE Vlog. Alissa’s never caught fish before and when one of the kiddos caught a small Oji-san Fish, Alissa used it as bait to hook a huge grouper! You’ll have to watch the video to see how that one turned out!

We were also filming some content this day for our friend Christal Burnette, if you’re a fan of her Family Mart commercials you might recognize her from Christal’s Okinawa TV. Starstruck!

And if you like the new logo and want to see it added to the OKILIFE adventure series, shoot us a message and tell us you’re down with Fish Oki! We just might add the new design in our online store on a t-shirt or sticker for your tackle box.

Thanks for tuning in every week, we are having so much fun making Okinawa content and love all the Okilovers out there who are as crazy about this island as we are!

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