Title: Treeful Treehouse – Sustainable Eco-Resort


This month’s Vlog takes the girls to a newly built, sustainable treehouse resort near Nago City in Okinawa’s north. During our trip the resort was still under construction and we’re excited to go back and see the finished product!

Deep in the jungle and sitting along the Genka River, Treeful Treehouse is a long way from any light pollution and we think it must be an amazing place for star gazing at night. We’ll definitely being heading back here for an overnight once it is open to the public, but we want to give you OKILIFERS a sneak peek before opening day.

The resort is heavily reliant on solar power, but has the electrical capacity to be air-conditioned. The 360 views were stunning, but maybe leave a little privacy to be desired? We’ll have to wait and see when we make our next trip.

What do you think, would you like to sleep in a treehouse? It might bring back some interesting childhood memories! If you make the trip yourself to Treeful Treehouse, send us a message and let us know how you enjoyed your stay!

Check out Treeful Treehouse – Sustainable Luxury HERE

Thank you Manarin for popping up in our video, check her out on INSTAGRAM …and of course we couldn’t have had as much fun this day without Totty! – See more from Totty Vlogs HERE We were also joined by another talented creator this day, see what Tomo is up to at Okinawa Tomo-World