Title: Beaches of Okinawa – Manza Beach Resort


It’s hard choosing a beach sometimes. That’s why each month we try to visit a new Okinawa Beach to bring you a view and let you see where you’re heading before you make the trip.

This month’s Beach Feature is the beach and surrounding facilities at the Manza Beach Resort in Onna Village. Open not only to hotel guests, you can pay for the day enjoy the beach facilities for ¥3,500/person. The ocean park you see in the video is the largest ocean obstacle course in all of Japan and a great day for the kids.There is also a beachside pool area, and some dining options just a few feet from the sand.

We stopped in for lunch at their Salvatore Cuomo restaurant (seen in the video) and the food was reasonably priced and quite delicious.

One recommendation is to phone ahead and check the weather and ocean conditions before you go, swimming in Okinawa is always a better experience at high tide when there is more water in the lagoon, and the ocean park would be a better experience on a calm day.

All in all the beach facilities at the Manza Resort were great, the large sand beach was a perfect place to relax and with nice restaurants just a few feet away it felt like quite the little mini-vacation.

You can read some reviews of the facilities HERE …and let us know what beach you’d like us to explore and report back on next!