Diving Cape Maeda – OKILIFE Divesite Review

Our latest Dive Site Review brings us to Cape Maeda which is one of the most popular dive spots on the island. Fantastic for both beginner and expert divers, there are interesting features and lots to see at just 5-10 meters, but for the more experienced divers the reefs drops away and it’s possible to dive well beyond 100ft.

Our guide on this day was Andréa Ramos Nascimento, owner of Aloha Divers – a local Dive Shop, who gave us some great tips on the area and let us know how to dive Cape Maeda safely. If you are looking to make the trip to dive Cape Maeda, there is a website where you can view the flags to help assess the conditions (Andrea explains in the video). View Dive Conditions at Cape Maeda HERE

Scroll to the bottom of the main page for a live video of the flags, and always remember to dive within your limits.

We really enjoyed diving this locations, there are shower and changing facilities on site, and even some food and drink options. All in all Cape Maeda is one of the more convenient dive site locations on Okinawa. Enjoy your time if you go, and stay safe!

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