Title: Diving Toilet Bowl – OKILIFE Divesite Review


We got a nice tour of a really popular Oki Dive Spot for our third dive site review and this week we visited Toilet Bowl in the Seragaki area of Okinawa.

Casey Grimmer and Jim Clemens who’ve had a lot of experience diving the area took us along, showed us some of the do’s and dont’s, and gave some great tips on predicting conditions at Toilet Bowl. This was a really fun dive, with what looks like a slightly difficult entry/exit depending on conditions. There is a steep drop off and the site goes quite deep, currents are known to be strong in the area and there is plenty of wildlife to explore, big and small. We want to remind everyone to have fun out there, and to dive within your limits.

Find your way to An Epic Diving Adventure at Toilet Bowl HERE