Title: Bar Bingo – Restaurant Review on Dine Oki #4


This Bar specializes in Jerk chicken (we had the catfish too) and is located just across from the main gate at Torii Station in Yomitan.

We had an interesting cast of characters join us for this review, and concluded this week’s episode with a spinal re-alignment for myself from an 87 year old chiropractor. This review was a little out of the ordinary, but the food was, well, you’ll really need to go try it for yourself. One thing I can say is that the beer on tap was about the coldest I’ve had on island.

Try the food and see what you think, dive in to the video for the review, and if you’re in the neighborhood give this little spot a try. The master (owner), Ayumi, is a great guy and really friendly. Tell him the OKILIFE team said hello when you stop in, and enjoy!

You can find your way to Bar Bingo here:


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