Title: Oki Tribe – Chris Nesbitt 琉球民族 −クリス・ネスビット


Chris Nesbitt has been supporting the Okinawa community with his team at Help Oki. We were delighted to talk with Chris and find out a little bit about what motivates him. Help Oki is a wonderful organization that supports those in need, and gives all of us the chance to contribute to an important cause.

Chris’s daily working is not just important for the underprivileged people he serves, but serves the whole island as a bridge between cultures. We love the work Help Oki is doing, and we encourage all to Learn More About Help Oki HERE and to get involved in any small way they can.

クリス・ネスビットはHelp Okiのチームで、沖縄コミュニティをサポートしています。
Help Okiは、困っている人々をサポートする素晴らしい組織であり、
文化全体の架け橋として島全体に奉仕しています。私たち Help Okiが行っている活動が大好きです。

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