Title: Early Morning Fishing in Okinawa 早朝沖縄フィッシング


We’ve been sleeping in a bit later and taking the days slower than we like to, but as soon as the world gets normal again you can bet we’ll be back to our pre-dawn Oki adventures. Fishing early mornings with with the Ryu-Kin Team is always one of our favorite activities. What do you like to do with your Oki mornings? Coffee on the beach? A hike or a swim? Whatever it is that floats your boat, we hope to see you all out there soon!

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早朝に、Ryu-Kin チームと一緒に釣りをすることが、私たちのお気に入りのアクティビティのうちの1つです。

Ryu-Kin フィッシングで起こる、すべてのエキサイティングな事柄 はこちらでチェック

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