Title: Treehouse Eco Resort in North Okinawa  沖縄県 北部 ツリーハウスエコリゾート


Treeful is a Treehouse Eco Resort just north of Nago in Okinawa. It’s beautiful, quiet, and a perfectly place to get back to nature. If you are in need of this kind of getaway, you can look at some beautiful photos of the resort by visiting @treeful.treehouse on Instagram HERE

We took a trip up north earlier this year before construction was completed on the Treehouse Resort, and had a chance to meet one of the owners and take a quick tour. It’s a beautiful little eco friendly facility, next to a babbling brook and surrounded by jungle. From that day we’ve been dying to make a trip back and stay in one of the treehouse cabins.

There are so many interesting alternatives to your typical tourist experience here on Okinawa, and we love exploring these out of the way places.

For easy reference we’ve added Directions to Treeful Treehouse Eco Resort HERE

Treeful とは沖縄県北部、名護市にある、ツリーハウスエコリゾートの名前です。
@treeful.treehouse Instagram アカウントでリゾートの美しい写真を見ることができます。



Treeful ツリーハウスエコリゾートの詳しい行き方はこちらから

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