Diving Toilet Bowl

We got a nice tour of a really popular Oki Dive Spot for our third dive site review and this week we visited Toilet Bowl in the Seragaki area of Okinawa. Casey Grimmer and Jim Clemens who’ve had a lot of experience diving the area took us along, showed us some of the do’s and dont’s, …

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Scuba Diving Cape Zanpa, Okinawa

This week we dove at one of the more dangerous spots on the island, and took advantage of small swell conditions to traverse the razor rocks at Cape Zanpa. This was an exciting day, we met the woman who runs the small restaurant from a bus near the base of the Cape Zanpa lighthouse, and …

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Izena Island Okinawa

Izena Island is one of the more beautiful islands we had the pleasure to visit this past year. Stunning natural geography, pristine beaches, and scuba diving over some of the healthiest and most amazing coral reef we’ve ever seen. Not to mention world-class fishing! We highly recommend taking a trip to this hidden gem of …

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