Ocean Adventures with JSK JSKと共に海のアドベンチャー

JSK Marine Sports offers some incredible fun for holiday goers. Jet boards, fly boards, wake boarding and more. We tip our hats to Jerry and the gang at JSK, there mission is something we can get behind. Have a blast in the ocean! Visit JSK on Facebook and plan yourself an epic island day. JSKマリンスポーツでは、休暇を過ごす人たちに素晴らしい楽しみを提供します。ジェットボード、フライボード、ウェイクボードなどなど。彼らの使命は、私たちが遅れをとるようなことばかりで、私たちはジェリーとJSKの一団に​​脱帽です。海で最高の体験をしましょう!ぜひFacebookでJSKにアクセスをして、壮大な島の日を計画してください。

Ziplining 100ft over the Ocean in Okinawa

Would you ride this zipline 100ft over the ocean? These girls had no fear and showed us, old guys, how it’s done! Check out some of the beach activities on offer with Panza Okinawa and The Sheraton Sun Marina Resort. And stay tuned to OKILIFE for more ways to enjoy your time in Okinawa! 🌴🌴🌴 …

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OKILIFE joins the Okinawa Karate Podcast

We followed Josh Simmers of the Okinawa Karate Podcast to the Nix Dojo in Okinawa City and tried out a karate class. Hard work! Okinawa is the birthplace of karate, and there are some incredible dojos. For karate lovers the karate history on this island is incredibly deep, and it was a great experience to …

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