Bamboo Cafe – Jerk Chicken in Okinawa City

So, we’ve been frequenting the Bamboo Cafe for a good few months, because it’s next to the shop where we are located at OkiDiveZone in Okinawa City. And, I mean, it’s good. That’s why we keep going there for lunch. But, have I been blown away? I wouldn’t say so. It’s just good solid food. With that said, I think because we’ve gotten to know the staff, and they know that we are making a food review show for YouTube, they may have had a hunch we were coming for a special order on this day and put a little extra attention into detail on our order.

No complaints here, the lunch was fantastic and as it would turn out we don’t normally see ratings this high. It was really a high point for Dine Oki and one of the best lunches we’ve had. For an overall description of the experience at Bamboo Cafe, I can say it is a small little hole in the wall with really friendly staff. The food takes about 15-20 minutes to prepare so it’s not a really quick Grab & Go, but you can taste that in the food – it is hot and fresh when it lands on your table.

Enjoy the vid, and enjoy your jerk chicken if you stop in to this Dine Oki recommended establishment. Find your way to Bamboo Cafe in Okinawa City here:

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