Okinawa Bike Ride 2020 – A Scenic Bike Ride

Not your typical race against the clock, Okinawa Bike Ride 2020 is a scenic cycling event taking place in northern Okinawa. Participants will climb, and descend the peaks and hills of Okinawa’s Yanbaru region to enjoy the earliest cherry blossoms at Yaedake. There are two courses to choose from, one a good bit hillier than the other. Along the route cyclists have a chance to take in the cherry blossoms of Nakijin Castle, an official World Heritage Site. The course itself is relatively short but jam-packed with incredible scenery.

And the best part about the event taking place early in the New Year, racers won’t have to contend with the Okinawan heat! We’re not sure this event would be quite as enjoyable in, say, August?

Want to hear something cool? Anyone who’d like to take on the course can do it, and you don’t even need to sign up. There is a self-guided tour available to anyone with a set of wheels via smartphone app for free individual participation.

The app is called Velodash and you can check it out HERE

Start your engines! (Pedals) And get ready for a great day in some of the most beautiful surroundings Okinawa has to offer!

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