Kids’s Fishing Charter 

Do you find Okinawa a little small sometimes? Feel like you’ve taken the family everywhere already and it’s hard to come of with new family day activities? Well, it is a small island but there is plenty to do! And if you have exhausted all of the activities here on land, you can always hop on a boat and venture out to sea!

We’ve all seen the exciting videos of deep sea fishing, with fishermen wrestling 500lb marlins into the boat. As exciting as this is, it’s not for everyone and may be a bit extreme for little kids. Luckily Ryu-Kin Fishing Charters offers great, family-friendly activities like their Kids’ Inshore Fishing charter, where you can spend a half day fishing for  groupers, gurukun, blah, blah, and have a great time bonding as a family.

The types of fish you can catch depend on season, and in November the catch of the day will likely be _______. Ryu-Kin is taking reservations for their Kids’ Charters on ___ and ___, and if you’re looking for an event that the whole family can enjoy in November you can’t go wrong with this one.

November weather is perfect in Okinawa, and the ______ will be biting, so don’t wait. Get in touch and book a great family day right now. 

This story is sponsored by the folks at Ryu-Kin Fishing Charters.

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