Title: A Bad Day Diving Beats a Good Day at Work


An interesting day this one was, as usual J and Q were at each other’s throats about who would get to go diving and who had to work. And also, as usual, Brian took the high road and enjoyed a bit of a holiday. There’s a dive, a trip to the aquarium, and some sales for the only thing that keeps the OKILIFERS eating: video production work.

We’d love to eat again next month, so if you are interested in having some content created for you, get in touch and see what the OKILIFE Team can do for you.

If you’d like to check out for the day and be like Brian, you can Find your Way to the Churaumi Aquarium HERE

Thank you all for tuning in to our vlog week after week. We’re nothing without the community that supports us, and we love making these island videos. Hope you’re enjoying watching the Okinawa Content as much as We Love Making It!