The OKILIFE Show #7

In this week’s wrap up we look back at the amazing cuttlefish we found at Diamond Beach, Ryder and B went to Family Mart to find some ice cream, we searched for a new location for the camping trip we are planning next month, and more of your typical OKILIFE Adventures.

We want to remind you all what OKILIFE is to us and why we do it. We find ourselves tremendously lucky to be living on the beautiful island which is not too cold, and not too hot (debatable), we are surrounded by the sea, and we find the local people here to be friendly and fun to interact with. We enjoy the local military community and find that military folk tend to be some of the most down to earth people, not to mention many of y’all are outdoors enthusiasts like ourselves.

It’s a special island and a slower way of life than many of us are used to, and we want to encourage everyone to soak it all in.

Thank you all for tuning in to OKILIFE week after week, and inspiring us to keep on hunting for that next adventure and, of course, to bring our cameras along with us.

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