Title: The OKiLife Show! Top 10 vlogs of 2019!!


We review our best moments we’ve had thus far filming our vlogs here on Okinawa, Japan. It’s a must watch for you Okilifers out there! If you wanna sign up for the Habu Hustle go to www.active.com

👍OKILIFE's Missions Statement❗️👍 

Here at OKILIFE it is our mission to connect you to the amazing experiences taking place all around you every day here in Okinawa and to give you a platform to share those experiences with the world. Life is a grind. It’s easy to get stuck in a 9 to 5, screen-time overdose mentality. We strive to never take for granted the beautiful island and the exciting things happening all around us in Okinawa every day. Your smartphone is a tool; Use it for a few seconds to connect and see what’s happening in your area, then turn it off and come adventure with us. This is a special place. You’re not in Japan, and you’re not in America. You’re in the Okilife Republic