Okinawa 沖縄

Okinawa means different things to different people.

To the Uchinanchu who spoke a Ryukyuan dialect, it simply is home.

To the Chinese of the Ming dynasty, Okinawa, or the Ryukyu Kingdom as it once was, was considered a valuable trading partner.

To the Japanese, Okinawa’s beautiful beaches and sub-tropical climate are a top tourism destination. It’s their Hawaii, their perfect beach holiday.

And to the OKILIFERS, those who have left the hustle & bustle of Tokyo for a quiet and peaceful life here, and those who’ve been stationed here during their military career and refused to leave, preferring instead to live out there days in Okinawa, and to the rest of the riffraff who’ve expatriated themselves from God knows where, only to stay here, surrounded by ocean and the smiling faces of the Okinawans, well to all of us we suppose Okinawa means we’ve found ourselves and we’ve realized that Okinawa is the only place we hope to call home.

So that is our goal, in a nutshell, to show everyone what it is about these magical islands that has us waking up in cold sweats at the thought of living anywhere else. We think Okinawa is the perfect balance of hot and cold, east and west, quiet and peaceful yet exciting and full of adventure.

The beaches, the azure blue waters, the friendly faces, the delicious foods, the friends, the fun, and even the habu snakes.

We love Okinawa and we hope our content will remind you why you love it too.

Now get out there and live your OKILIFE.