Title: Buying Your First Car in Okinawa – What to Know


There are plenty of car dealerships in Okinawa, we’ve recently spoken with Brett Pitt from Auto Shop Z who is a Navy Veteran and now makes his home here in Okinawa. Brett’s dealership is located directly outside Gate 1 of Kadena Airbase which means if you are living on Kadena and don’t have a car yet, this dealership is a short stroll out the front gate making it a convenient place to stop in and look for your Okinawa vehicle.

Brett claims the best customer service in Okinawa, he also tells us that if a new arrival is looking to make a car purchase and has no access to transportation that he’ll personally make sure you can get yourself to the dealership. Get in touch with Brett HERE and see if he can help you through the car buying process.

Have you already bought a car on Okinawa? Let us know in the comments where you made your purchase. Was it a good experience? Somewhere to avoid? Help the OKILIFER community out and leave a review in our comments section.