Just Arrived in Okinawa, Now What? – Learn to Dive!

Scuba Diving. If it’s not the #1 recreational activity in Okinawa, it must be pretty close to the top. Especially with the military community arriving on the island, it seems like many people’s first priority is to get dive certified and start to explore the beautiful coral reefs of Okinawa.

Secret OKILIFER Tip: during the hot Okinawa summer, just about the only place to get away from the summer heat is 60ft under the ocean (the water on the surface is quite warm too!)

Your first stop on your journey to becoming an experienced diver is to take your Open Water Diver Certification Course. Being Open Water certified you are able to dive to a depth of 18 meters, or 60 feet, and you can begin to explore the ocean with a buddy (it’s never recommended to dive alone).

Once becoming an Open Water Diver, you can move on to the Advanced Open Water Diver course, and complete several more levels of courses before becoming a Divemaster.

There are plenty of dive shops on the island that can certify you to be a scuba diver, and once certified many of these shops offer guiding and are arranging boat dives and trips for their customers to some world-class diving locations around Okinawa. Okinawa really is world-class scuba diving and something you should get involved in while you’re here on the island!

Here is a list of some locals groups and dive shops located both on and off base that can help you get your feet wet in the diving world:

Tsunami Scuba


Aloha Divers Okinawa




English Empire Divers


Mermaid Island Diving


Are there any that we missed? If you’d like to recommend a dive shop to new arrivals looking to get Open Water certified when they PCS to Okinawa, send us a message and tell us where your favourite dive shop is.

Remember to always dive within your limits, and hope to see you under the ocean soon!

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