Hotel Nikko Alivila – Vacation in Central Okinawa

It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful resort experience in central Okinawa.

The Hotel Nikko Alivila is located in Yomitan Village on a quiet stretch of the coastline, a good ways away from the hustle and bustle of “town”. Sure, there are some benefits to being in Naha, like a shopping trip to Kokusai Dori, or American Village which is conveniently located near the Chatan resorts. But once you get a taste of the quiet, relaxing atmosphere of this little village we think you’ll be pretty pleased with your decision to stay here.

The resort sits on Nirai Beach, in the Gima area of Yomitan, just south of the famous cliffs of Cape Zanpa.

This elegant, upscale resort has just about everything you could needs for a great holiday, both indoors and out, including beautiful pools, a fantastic beach (which is open to the public), marine sports activities, a fitness center which even has a virtual-reality training game, and some incredibly good restaurants.

Although expensive, we highly recommend the teppanyaki at “Gosamaru”. The breakfast buffet at “Verdemar” is incredible and might just be the best breakfast you can find in the village. There is also a traditional Japanese dining restaurant located inside the hotel called “Sawa”, as well as the Chinese “Kinshasa”, and several more. So much under one roof! You can see the full Alivila Restaurant Guide HERE

There are really just too many unique things to say about this interesting resort in Okinawa, you should really visit their website and explore it for yourself.

Helpful Tip for enjoying your stay at Alivila Resort; the Okinawa Horse Riding Club is located nearby, which has some great programs for visitors. We often see hotel guests riding horses in the shallow waters along the beach or along the trails in the area. 

You can take a trial ride for as little as ¥1,080, or double up with your child on the horse for ¥1,620. They have many programs and prices vary so please be sure to check their website for all the info you need HERE

If you decide to book a stay at Alivila, tell them OkiLife said hello and enjoy your time in one of our favorite Okinawa locations!

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Key information

Hotel Nikko Alivila
Address:  600 Gima, Yomitan, Nakagami District, Okinawa 904-0327
Parking: Yes

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